Welcome to the Kingdom of Osgoode

Prithee peace friends,

You are cordially invited to enter into the Kingdom of Osgoode and attend the 10th Annual Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival which runs 8-9 July 2017, with Education Day on 7 July.


NEWS ALERT – King Evan the Eloquent, crowned the King of Osgoode on July 1st, the first of his name, and the sixth king to rule over the Kingdom of Osgoode still lives.  

Long Live King Evan!

New in 2017

♦  We have some surprises for you to mark our 10th anniversary and 150th anniversary of our Nation and the Capital City – stay tuned! 

♦ Check out the Festival Video from Lady Jennifer Quinlan.


♦ We will continue with online ticket purchasing as it was a success.Click Here to Purchase Tickets

♦ Check out  video on Education Day thanks to Lady Jennifer!