Green Initiative


The Green Initiative is a relatively new program that was introduced in 2014 which aims to make the festival a more environmentally-friendly event. The Green Initiative will be implemented over several years – Phase 1 started in last year  and in 2015 it is intended that:

♦ There will be a green presence at the festival as the Green Watch, led by Sir Eco of the Green, will encourage the villagers to make full use of the recycling bins

♦ Two “Watering Holes” will again be located on the festival grounds – one by the First Aid Tent and the second near the main tent. These water stations will provide drinking water for villagers to re-fill their water bottles. They were a big hit in 2014.

♦ Recycling containers for paper, plastic and aluminum will be set up in various locations within the walls of the Kingdom.

water bottle

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own water bottle to the festival OR buy a festival water bottle for $3 – what a great and useful memento!


Join the green watch

Sir Eco is seeking keen and motivated individuals to join the team and become an elite member of the Green Watch. The Green Watch is open to green-minded people of all ages and walks of life (yes we even accept Dothraki). You can wear your own costume if you wish but you will be provided with the cape of the Green Watch while you are on duty.

Training will be provided and your contribution to maintaining the environmental health of the Kingdom will be recognized. See more details on the Volunteers Page as to how to apply for membership in the Green Watch.